Brian took up piano at age five, followed by clarinet, bassoon, and choral singing. In high school he picked up guitar, because guitarists got more girls than bassoonists. No disrespect. It’s a very, you know, uh… cool instrument.


Brian continued performing in plays and studying music all throughout childhood, writing songs and composing. In college, Joseph majored in acting, and after earning his degree from CalArts in 1992, launched a successful acting career that led to several awards. His theater background helped him hone his stage presence and charm audiences as a performing songwriter.

He made four albums and toured for a decade at venues large and small around the country and around the world, and received many awards and accolades. But in 2004, Brian’s first child was born, and within a couple of years, Brian had left the road to raise his three children and began making music for television, theater and film.

Brian Joseph is quite tall and often bearded. He is known for not only his “exquisite tenderness and laugh-out-loud lyrics,” but also for his outrageous live show, which teeters between mayhem and poignancy, hilarity and depth. He plays every musical instrument you’ve ever heard of, makes a pretty good veggie lasagna, and he’ll let you take his picture if you’ll let him take yours.

His songs have been recorded by many other folks, and he’s shared the stage with loads of famous people. He’s won a bunch of awards.




Winner, Telluride Troubadour Competition
Winner, Rocky Mountain Folks Festival
Shellie Award for Best Supporting Actor
Ovation Award for Music Composition
Ovation Award for Music Direction
Just Plain Folks Winner
Acoustic Live Winner
Three Dramalogue Awards
NACA Mid-America Showcase


“…this talented actor is an equally talented singer/songwriter. A folk singer heavily influenced by pop music, Joseph writes sweet, often funny, songs about small moments with big meaning. A troubador in the classic sense, Joseph is an actor, singer and songwriter of the first order.”
- The Oakland Tribune

“Brian Joseph is a brilliant and very engaging performer… His music is full of humor, intelligence, compassion and humanity… We can’t wait to have him back!”
- Skirball Cultural Center

“…unpretentious, funny and insightful.”
- The Santa Monica Mirror

“On stage, Joseph’s enormous talents seem endless: he switches between solo fingerpickin’ guitar, brash bluesy piano and a tiny ukelele he can play the heck out of. What’s more, I hear he used to be a Shakespearean actor. Kinda makes you feel like an under-achiever, doesn’t it?”
- Wild Blue Yonder (Frontier Airlines Magazine)